Sunday, 13 April 2008

Present for my mum

My mum always says she doesnt want any presents from me, to save my money,so I gets things from the kids for her instead. but I had the idea of making her a box of cards, as she doesnt like to ask for me to make them,incase I'm busy(or perhaps she doesnt like them?)and my Dad is always moaning how much she spends on buying cards, so she gets it in the neck atleast 7or8 times a month, thats with out the postage!!

This is the box I have just finished I did it completely of the top of my head,no template, just guessed. The box is wide enough to take A5 Cards or notelets.


Lollies said...

WOW That Box is Amazing!!!!!!

Sarah C said...

That was my thought exactly lollies. This is almost too brilliant for words. Your mum's gonna love it. If she doesn't, I do :D :D :D

Chriss Rollins said...

that box is clever girl need to enter it in a mag make several of them and send photos in.
chriss x

Louly said...

Wow girl! You are amazing, your mum is going to be thrilled to bits, so much love has gone into that.

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