Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Home Baked Rice Pudding!!!

Very simple and not a lot of ingredients are needed to make a lovely filling pudding.
Just like my Mum used to make!

The original recipe is
For a very rich creamy pudding :-

2oz/50g of Pudding Rice
1oz/25g of granulated sugar
1 tin 410ml of Carnation Evaporated milk 
Milk to make evaporated milk up to 1pint/600ml
1oz/25g of butter
grated nutmeg to garnish

Add all ingredients in an ovenproof bowl with a lid, leave in the fridge overnight to soak or atleast 30mins 

If using a conventional oven, 
Place covered bowl in oven gas mark 2 300f/150c  for 2 to 2.5 hours
This produces an amazing 'skin' on top!! My favourite!!

Microwave version

Add all in a glass bowl
Cook on defrost full power uncovered,  stirring frequently,until starts to boil,
Cover and Cook on 50%/defrost for 30- 40 mins + stirring frequently, until rice is soft and liquid has thickened, this depends on your preference, if you like it really thick, rich and creamy leave it longer, taking care to stir regularly.

A lighter not so rich version
Simply add 1 pint/600ml of milk , this makes a whiter, more child friendly rice pudding.

Grate some fresh nutmeg on top before serving

Gas mark 2/ 300f/150c
Use metric or imperial don't mix both.

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