Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lastest News........Dottie has a boyfriend!!!!

Wow how quick was that, Dottie has only been out in society for a week or so and she already has caught herself a man......Checkout Dotties new Beau over on Louises blog.. If you havent heard of Dottie..where have you seriously check her out she's fabulous!!

I had a bit of a play this is what I came up with!!


Louly said...

OMG!!!!!!!That is fantastic!!!!You never fail to amaze me Nicola, what an amazing idea, you are such a great friend to me Nicola, thank you for supporting Dottie, George and ME so, so much. xxxx

bubblegum said...

WoW Nicola - that mug is fabulous, amazing. :) :) Are you working on commission with Dottie lol,lol. :)

Sarah C said...

What a fantastic idea. It looks brilliant :D xx

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