Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Individual Golden Syrup Steamed Puddings, using a Microwave, cooked in less than 5 minutes!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Home Baked Rice Pudding!!!

Very simple and not a lot of ingredients are needed to make a lovely filling pudding.
Just like my Mum used to make!

The original recipe is
For a very rich creamy pudding :-

2oz/50g of Pudding Rice
1oz/25g of granulated sugar
1 tin 410ml of Carnation Evaporated milk 
Milk to make evaporated milk up to 1pint/600ml
1oz/25g of butter
grated nutmeg to garnish

Add all ingredients in an ovenproof bowl with a lid, leave in the fridge overnight to soak or atleast 30mins 

If using a conventional oven, 
Place covered bowl in oven gas mark 2 300f/150c  for 2 to 2.5 hours
This produces an amazing 'skin' on top!! My favourite!!

Microwave version

Add all in a glass bowl
Cook on defrost full power uncovered,  stirring frequently,until starts to boil,
Cover and Cook on 50%/defrost for 30- 40 mins + stirring frequently, until rice is soft and liquid has thickened, this depends on your preference, if you like it really thick, rich and creamy leave it longer, taking care to stir regularly.

A lighter not so rich version
Simply add 1 pint/600ml of milk , this makes a whiter, more child friendly rice pudding.

Grate some fresh nutmeg on top before serving

Gas mark 2/ 300f/150c
Use metric or imperial don't mix both.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Personalised 50th Birthday cake

I was asked to make an 8ins round Vanilla sponge cake, but with a figure looking like the birthday boy,sat in a comfy chair, playing a guitar, watching tv.

And his favourite newspaper is the Sun
The figure, chair and tv is made out of squires flower paste, so can be removed from the cake and kept.
The rest of the cake, including the music border,mat & paper are all edible

Monday, 2 December 2013

Quick & Easy Syrup steamed pudding using a microwave. In 10 minutes

Heres a very quick pudding if your rushed for time, but its good however long you have.
You need a microwave,
A 2pint microwave proof bowl, or any similar sized bowl.
4oz/100g Butter or Stork
4oz /100gSelf raising flour
4 oz/100g caster sugar
2 large eggs
A dash of vanilla extract if preferred.

2 tablespoons / 30ml of water

Golden syrup
Lemon juice

Grease your bowl with butter or Stork margarine.

In your bowl pour  a good amount of golden syrup into bowl so the base of your bowl is covered, depth about half an inch, depends how much syrup you like.
Pour the lemon juice over the top of the syrup, till syrup has a layer of juice on it and mix all the juice in till a runny syrup.

In a mixer, or by hand.
Add all the ingredients, Stork/butter ,Caster sugar,Self raising flour, two eggs and vanilla and very important extra for microwave, 2 tablespoons/30ml of water and mix thoroughly for two mins, until light and creamy.
Carefully pour over top of your syrup mix ,trying to avoid it coming up ontop of  cake mix.

Cover your bowl tightly with clingfilm and pierce with a knife.
Cook on full power for 5 mins and leave for 5 mins
Turn out onto a plate, making syrup at the top.
Server with your favourite
Custard, ice cream, evaporated milk.

And enjoy!

Add a handful of mixed fruit, for spotted dick
or replace 1 oz /25g flour with 1 oz/25g cocoa for chocolate cake.
Or add some ground ginger to spice it up.

picture shows double the amount mix done in a 4 pint bowl.

Friday, 29 November 2013

1st Birthday cake

Here is a 10ins round ,4ins deep chocolate fudge cake.

 I made all the individual animals with Squires flower paste.

Leaving them for a week to dry.

They can now be removed from the cake and kept in a dry cabinet on display or cardboard box with tissue.

Never store your toppers in polythene or an airtight container when dried as it will make the icing hold moisture and eventually melt your toppers.

Keep checking bad for added pictorial on how to make models using flowerpaste.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Another Poppy

Here is another version of a poppy, this time its made using edible rice paper or wafer paper.
Each petal is cut out and painted with edible paint.

A very easy technique to achieve.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Design Teams

I now work solely for myself.
Using my knowledge, for my gains.
I am no longer on any Design teams for Companies showcasing their products for their advantage only.
I will ofcourse be more than pleased to use products which are of use to my business and showcase them for my benefit, giving credit, where credit is due to the company I have used them from.
Anybody wishing to use my images will require permission before doing so, in a form which will be advantageous to both parties. 
For many,many years I have hidden in the background of companies, spending hour after hour perfecting samples to be seen on tv craft channels and magazines for **them to take the credit for my work(as their own, they 'just knocked them up on the train on the way down!'), for little or no gain to myself ,but major ones for the said companies. 
From now on what you see is Me and How I work.
What I do,
How I do it
and What I like to use.
I hope you will join me and continue to add your valued support and kindness.
I have reached a point in my life, where I will no longer be used as a tool.

** with the exception of Joanna, Noreen, Linnie, Tina, Karen or Jeanette.

In Remembrance....

This week is all about Remembering those who have fallen in war and my grandad who is still going strong and was in the medical core, being one of the first group of medical help to go into Belsen Concentration camp in world word II.

Here is a large poppy made out of Sugar, this is approximately 5 ins in diametre and is definately a less is more statement on a cake.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sugarcraft Tea Rose

 Here i have hand made a life size sugar rose.
This is made out of flowerpaste, which dries to an all most porcellain finish.
Very delicate but i can roll the icing out so thinly you can see print through it, which gives the rose a translucent effect when made up.
Each petal is cut by hand and veined using Squires kitchen Tea rose silicone mould and then seven layers are made into the rose. The rose measures 4ins in diametre approx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Food Standards agency

Well i have been a very bad blogger, i have been following a different line in my crafting.
I am a fully registered business with full insurances and public liabilty. Also i am happy to announce that my new hygiene inspection from Wokingham Borough Council  Environmental health/Food Safety Officer gave me a 5.
Which is the highest mark available.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sneek Peek! Pick of the week- Toread's

Well they are nearly here! The legendary Tiny Nymphs! 
The delightful little characters called 'Toreads'
On Friday 28th September 2012 on Create & Craft tv, Ideal World 
Crafter's Companion will be launching stamps and cds.
My sneek peek is slightly different, but shows just how versatile the characters are!
I used the image flora from decoupage section and imported into my software and made into a sheet of cupcakes toppers,quite easily,to print onto a sheet of edible icing,printed with edible inks .
So all you cake fanatics can make use of the cd's also! And what an eye catching display they would make for a celebration!
Keep checking back and popping over to Crafters companion blog  News & views and join in the competition.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

What ive been doing...

Ive been taking a creative break for a while, needing to revitalise my mojo, so i started to have a play with Sugarcraft again.
I did city & guild sugarcraft when my son was small and loved making sugar flowers.
Here is one of my projects, a Celiac cake made for a Sister who is celebrating her Golden Jubilee of becoming a nun.

Each rose has been made using Squires Flowers paste which i rolled out so thinly you can read through it, its then cut into petals and formed with 4 layers of petals shaded from a darker pink up to a very light pink. 
The rose is then steamed with the steam from a kettle to give the dew look on the petals.
I now have a new website, where i sell and post sugar cake toppers, not the flowers,unforunately as they would break in the post.
Please take a look.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sheena Douglass sneek peek!

Sheena has always had a wicked sense of humour, im sure you will agree and her new stamps are indeed keeping that going!
Next week sees the launch of her
'A little bit different' stamps!

For this sample, i stamped the large stamp with black soot Tim Holtz Distress ink and heat embossed with Deep impression clear embossing powder, tinted up with tattered rose and vintage photo, then stamped another image, again heat embossing, but this time i cut the cows out and decoupaged them onto the first image. Finally for the main image i stamped the head of the cow onto the pink piece of coredinations and cut out the crown, added many layers of clear deep impressions embossing powder to make the crown look like glass! And added a gem, taken from the Beatrix potter elements range of gems,from Crafter's Companion and added to the decoupaged cow using collal glue gel.
For the newspaper effect on the backing paper i stamped, randomly with the print part of the stamp, edged with black soot and again clear heat embossed the edges.
Finally matting onto the matching pink coredinations card.and adding apiece of ribbon again from Beatrix potters elements range. 

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring Blog hop with Craftwell USA

Im so pleased to be joining the 
Spring  blog hop for 
you've probably joined me here in the UK from 
Jazmin Gibbons gorgeous creation over on her blog

Here is one of my Creations using the wonderful eCraft.
This i hope fits in very well with the Spring theme!
Now the next place to hop over to is Debi Tullier, to see her creation!
Thankyou for joing me on the hop!

This was all made using the fundamentals2 sd card, using coredinations card stock, the boxes were all cut on the eCraft, all starting at 11ins and scored with Crafters Companion Boxer Board.
I cut numerous different flowers at different sizes and attached them to the coxes with Collal glue gel.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sheena Douglass shows on Sunday...sneek peek!

Sunday on Create & Craft Sheena Douglass will again be waving her magic wand and creating some amazing pieces of work right infront of your eyes!
Here is a sneek peek using products that will be showcased!
This is a paper gift bag and tag i used the most gorgeous Luminarte Spritz Shimmering mists on, with one of the stencils for the show! The stamp on the tag is from Sheenas stamp range

Friday, 9 March 2012

And the winner is:-

Im sorry for the lack of peeks, but having had a burglary this week, i havent have time to get on here, jere is another peek using the stamping companions and the little boy with football stamped image i coloured using Spectrum noir pens.

With out further ado the winner of the cd on my blog is:

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beautiful images. I just love them
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