Sunday, 29 August 2010

£70,000 give away by Crafters Companion on Create & Craft

Here are the samples i made over one day and one night!
This is the Barrow using the Occupations & Hobbies cd from Crafters companion. I used Fimo clay baked in the oven for the veg, for the potatoes, i rolled in a sponge dabbed with Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink 'Latte' & 'Caramel'

Brocolli,Carrots,Pumpkin and Cauliflower.

This is the Fire Engine, I used the templates from the Occupations & Hobbies Cd and printed on the printer and cut all out by had,

The wheels are made up by cutting multiple circles and layered with Silicone, which is great as not only does it not fall apart, the silicone gives a good weight to the model , it also doesnt show, unlike foam pads.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Loopi loom instructions-kind of

Hello, quite few people have been asking me for instructions on the loopi loom, well i havent managed to get pics yet, but here is instructions,quickly, to try and help.
You will need about 200g of yarn and 4-5 foot or 3 metres yarn or ribbon for up the middle of your scarf.

Make a slip knot on a length of yarn or ribbon you want to go up the middle of your scarf, usually about 3 metres or 4 or 5 foot.

Open out the loop so easy to find and lay the yarn through the middle of your two pegs ,with the large loop off the top end.

starting from the left or right peg, start winding your main balls of yarns, in a criss cross/figure of 8,

so if starting on the right, have the yarn at the top of the peg,run through diagonally to the left peg at its bottom, then wrap clockwise around the left peg and diagonally through the two pegs to the bottom of the right peg,then wrap yarn up round right peg,anti clockwise and again through the two pegs diagonally to the bottom of the left peg, continue for six full circuits, make sure you dont end up with a big heap on your lap lol...

bring the length of yarn at the bottom, nearest you,up over your wrapping and push through the large loop in an n or u hold on to the new loop and pull the previous loop up tight and carry on wrapping again until you reach your desired length,re-looping every 6 circuits, to finish just put the length of yarn through the loop and pull tight.

Hope this helps as need the loom infront of me really,

Friday, 13 August 2010

SWALK,Christmas Bears,Floral Pyramage

                 Here are some more samples,from the recent Create & Craft shows. i've got  loads lol.
             These are all available from Crafters Companion and are from SWALK lovely lovely set of   Stamps and  cd,then theres Reddy kits Christmas Bears & Floral Pyramage.

This is made using the SWALK image from the set 'Pretty little madam' and co-ordinating backing papers from the cd, this is an 8x8 square card. I used Derwent watercolour pencils to colour her and printed the backing paper onto Cenutra pearl snowwhite paper, which is ideal, as i have an Epson and simply refuses to take any heavier than light weight card!

Here is a card made using the 'Reddy Decoupage-Christmas Teddies' the doilie i stitched is part of the kit also and they are great for a simple card with eyecatching results!

This card is an A6 card, using Reddy 'Floral Pyramage kit' I backed the heart with gold and folded an a4 piece of Centura Brights card in half and then cut horizontally in half again, so the fold is to the left, then using Tim Holtz 'Vintage Photo' distress ink i added colour around the edge. to compliment the gold in the ribbon and in the pearl card.

Again an A6 card, with fold to the left,not the top, i used another lovely image from the Reddy 'Floral Pyramage' kit, I ran a piece of black card threw my Big shot with a cuttlebug 'swirl' embossing folder,then adding the red ribbon immediately gives and oriental effect.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And now for something totally different.....

Its Officially Elvis Week in Memphis. Im so far away and dont even have a passport, my neice lives so close to there but is off on her call of duty, but cant help but put a picture of the love of my life, no jokes please, have heard them all now! I was 10 when he died and now am a year older than when he lived!!!
Atlast it is fashionable to like Elvis,James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, retro!!
Well I've always held them dear, named my children after them, no not blatantly 'Elvis' people who know me know how!
I love Elvis Presley, always have, always will. xx

Crafters Companion Tutorial

Make sure you pop over to the Crafters Companion Blog to see my pictorial on how to make this frame card, Meg has posted it on there today!

Monday, 9 August 2010

FlowerSoft Show today at 2pm on Ideal World

Make sure you tune in for the latest stamps from KatySue Designs/FlowerSoft,
Moments In Time.
This stamp is the set 'The Singers' I stamps the musical note onto centura pearl card and added Tim Holtz Distess Ink Vintage Photo, then using a brush and water with Antique Linen and again Vintage photo, I added the colour to the heat embossed image. I then used a single note stamp and heat embossed using clear powder onto a sheet of pearl card, I dabbed colour from the ink pads to a non-stick sheet,sprizted with water and then layed the card onto the ink, this gives the speckled effect on the card.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Daring Cardmakers Challenge-Peridot

Over on Daring Cardmakers Challenge Blog, the theme is the Birthstone of August which is Peridot and they have set the challenge as:-

The August birthstone is the

The colour of the peridot can range from lime, yellowish green, olive green to medium dark green.

As well as being the birthstone for August, Peridots are also the gemstone for the 16th Wedding anniversary

The Peridot is the National gem of Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians called the Peridot “the gem of the sun”.

They are associated with love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty, and also with fame, dignity, and protection

We'd like you to make a card using this lovely gemstone as your starting point. You could use the history, myths and qualities of the stone as your inspiration, and/or use the beautiful yellow-green colour in your creations.

For my card I used the 'Gem of the Sun'  and olive/green colours for my inspiration.
Using the 'You are my sunshine' Stamp, which i coloured using Derwent watercolour pencils and backing papers from the 'SWALK' range by Crafters Companion.

Floral Pyramage & Christmas Teddies

Here are a couple of cards from yesterdays show on Create & Craft with Leann and the lovely Leonie!
Showing Floral Pyramage and Christmas Teddies bought to you by Crafters Companion.

This is a large pop-out card, made using the Ultimate Pro board from Crafters Companion, which makes the pop-out very easy to achieve.
I used a Martha Stewart Punch for the doillie edges, I made up the pyramage with Collal Glue Gel, making sure to get a level layer,before you add the next layer, you might want to use foam pads. As you'd have a uniformed depth then.

This is the inside, as i hung a double pyramage oval, i  used a sheet of centura pearl A4 card and then used a piece of A3 centura to the outside, so when closed the pyramage sits nicely within the card. The peel offs are in the pack also

This is an a6 card,usinf one of the floral pyramage images, which i used a gold sheet from the centura pearl bright pack of Crafters Companion Card, which i sprayed with Gold Spray & Sparkle, the gold glitter on the gold card gives a gorgeous glitter card effect!
I used my Xyron Runner for the 'God Bless'

This is a large card using 3 sheets of centura pearl card from the brights pack.
The teddies are from the Christmas Teddies kit of decoupage, where you also get the boarder strips and peel offs,

Here is an A5 card using the Christmas Teddies image, with on of the backing doillies, which i sprayed with Silver Spray and Sparkle and again I used my Xyron Runner for the greeting.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

More SWALK,Meadow Cottage Bear, Reddy Decoupage & another Moveable Card

My first card is one which was made for the SWALK launch, I used the bath stamp and then on centura pearl paper I printed the backing paper,the layerable flowers and the alphabet form the cd, to colour the stamp used Derwent water colur pencil , which i masked then sprayed the bubbles and surround with irridescent spray and sparkel, all available from Crafters Companion.

This one is made for the launch of Meadow Cottage Bears Decoupage,by Reddy, the set comes with some lovely sticky backed glittery ribbon, which i used on the left edge, before adding the roses with Collal glue gel.

This was for the Reddy Decoupage Christmas kit launch,  I made an easel card and embossed an a5 piece of card using the swirl cuttlebug embossing folder.

And another moveable card, from Crafters Companion , poor man, hope she's gentle, this ia a large a5 card

Thanks for looking.
Dont forget to checkout Create & Craft tomorrow 8am, for Reddy Floral Decoupage by Crafters Companion, with lots of my samples too!

Welcome to my wonderful world of Crafting

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