Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sneek Peek! Pick of the week- Toread's

Well they are nearly here! The legendary Tiny Nymphs! 
The delightful little characters called 'Toreads'
On Friday 28th September 2012 on Create & Craft tv, Ideal World 
Crafter's Companion will be launching stamps and cds.
My sneek peek is slightly different, but shows just how versatile the characters are!
I used the image flora from decoupage section and imported into my software and made into a sheet of cupcakes toppers,quite easily,to print onto a sheet of edible icing,printed with edible inks .
So all you cake fanatics can make use of the cd's also! And what an eye catching display they would make for a celebration!
Keep checking back and popping over to Crafters companion blog  News & views and join in the competition.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

What ive been doing...

Ive been taking a creative break for a while, needing to revitalise my mojo, so i started to have a play with Sugarcraft again.
I did city & guild sugarcraft when my son was small and loved making sugar flowers.
Here is one of my projects, a Celiac cake made for a Sister who is celebrating her Golden Jubilee of becoming a nun.

Each rose has been made using Squires Flowers paste which i rolled out so thinly you can read through it, its then cut into petals and formed with 4 layers of petals shaded from a darker pink up to a very light pink. 
The rose is then steamed with the steam from a kettle to give the dew look on the petals.
I now have a new website, where i sell and post sugar cake toppers, not the flowers,unforunately as they would break in the post.
Please take a look.

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