Friday, 29 November 2013

1st Birthday cake

Here is a 10ins round ,4ins deep chocolate fudge cake.

 I made all the individual animals with Squires flower paste.

Leaving them for a week to dry.

They can now be removed from the cake and kept in a dry cabinet on display or cardboard box with tissue.

Never store your toppers in polythene or an airtight container when dried as it will make the icing hold moisture and eventually melt your toppers.

Keep checking bad for added pictorial on how to make models using flowerpaste.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Another Poppy

Here is another version of a poppy, this time its made using edible rice paper or wafer paper.
Each petal is cut out and painted with edible paint.

A very easy technique to achieve.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Design Teams

I now work solely for myself.
Using my knowledge, for my gains.
I am no longer on any Design teams for Companies showcasing their products for their advantage only.
I will ofcourse be more than pleased to use products which are of use to my business and showcase them for my benefit, giving credit, where credit is due to the company I have used them from.
Anybody wishing to use my images will require permission before doing so, in a form which will be advantageous to both parties. 
For many,many years I have hidden in the background of companies, spending hour after hour perfecting samples to be seen on tv craft channels and magazines for **them to take the credit for my work(as their own, they 'just knocked them up on the train on the way down!'), for little or no gain to myself ,but major ones for the said companies. 
From now on what you see is Me and How I work.
What I do,
How I do it
and What I like to use.
I hope you will join me and continue to add your valued support and kindness.
I have reached a point in my life, where I will no longer be used as a tool.

** with the exception of Joanna, Noreen, Linnie, Tina, Karen or Jeanette.

In Remembrance....

This week is all about Remembering those who have fallen in war and my grandad who is still going strong and was in the medical core, being one of the first group of medical help to go into Belsen Concentration camp in world word II.

Here is a large poppy made out of Sugar, this is approximately 5 ins in diametre and is definately a less is more statement on a cake.

Welcome to my wonderful world of Crafting

Thankyou for looking at my blog pages.