Thursday, 19 February 2009

Its my Birthday today...

Its my birthday today 21 ....again lol!

I've received some wonderul cards,even my dad made me honey and banana bread, after 48 years of marriage, its the first time he has cooked, as my mum is unable to at the moment. This is a massive a2 card, my daughter made and all 3 of my kiddies wrote in, its wonderful!

My 14 year old son made me this fantastic decoupafe card, as elephants are my favourite wild animal.

This is my cake and banana bread yummy!

And my 3 bunches of Roses from my 3 children.

This is the gorgeous card and gift I received from Louise, of dottie fame,my best friend!! This has the most gorgeous flocked paper on and ofcourse Lou has added her touch of genious by lifting the leaves up from the paper!

its got a secret pocket in which had a gift from Naughty Lou, this will be going towards my Farnborough fund, as going to the 'Make it' show on sunday!

Karen sent me this gorgously creative a5 card,with so many things to touch and stoke , its wonderful

And the wonderfully healthy Juliet! Sent me this fantastic card,you cant see in the picture but it has acetate and yarn aswell as real stitching on it and the colours are just gorgeous!

Thankyou everybody for thinking of me .xxxx


My Paper World said...

Wishing you a lovely day! all your cards and goodies look wonderful!
Hugs! Nicola xx

Linniepink said...

Happy Birthday Nicola i did not know it was today
big hugs

Louly said...

Oh Nicola what lovely cards! Your children and your dad are so clever (that was so sweet of your dad bless him)
Have a fabulous day tomorrow.♥♥♥

Ultramum said...

Belated Happy Birthday :-)

Welcome to my wonderful world of Crafting

Thankyou for looking at my blog pages.