Friday, 8 October 2010

Quilled Bride and Groom

Well.. i have been having a play,not for any other reason than I wanted to, i like to do something completely different and stretch my brain.

This couple is made souly from Quilling, they stand approx 2.5 ins high.

The Bride Groom has a dickie bow

The Bride has barrell curls and holds her bouquet.

And she has her veil at the back

The design is shown in PAPER QUILLING FOR THE FIRST TIME by Alli Bartkowski


Carmi said...

These are amazing! I have a friend here who quills who I am sending to the blog! I am reposting on Facebook now!

Ann Martin said...

You did a great job! Alli's books are full of good ideas.

PatR said...

Fantastic Nicola!!

Anonymous said...

These are just fab Nicola well done


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