Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And now for something totally different.....

Its Officially Elvis Week in Memphis. Im so far away and dont even have a passport, my neice lives so close to there but is off on her call of duty, but cant help but put a picture of the love of my life, no jokes please, have heard them all now! I was 10 when he died and now am a year older than when he lived!!!
Atlast it is fashionable to like Elvis,James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, retro!!
Well I've always held them dear, named my children after them, no not blatantly 'Elvis' people who know me know how!
I love Elvis Presley, always have, always will. xx

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Sarah C said...

I love Elvis too. Got hooked on him thanks to Dad and have been lucky enough to inherit Dad's box set of Elvis vinyl xx

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