Saturday, 25 October 2008


Do you like my new blog skin and header,well thanks to the wonderfully talented Martine, i now have a fantastic new layout!! Doesnt it look good, I click on my blog and think who's that and remember its mine lol!! Thankyou Martine, she has the patience of a saint and how she knows all this stuff amazes me!!
i love blogskin boutique blinkieAnd Martine has just started her latest blog with her skins and headers on and if that isnt enough checkout 'girls can blog too' blinkie over on the right,that gives you all the info for all those things you'd love to do but cant on your blog!


maddy hill said...

Love your blog Enjay ! ... ive left an award for you on my blog x

Anesha said...

new look is great!

Welcome to my wonderful world of Crafting

Thankyou for looking at my blog pages.