Sunday, 25 May 2008

Louise does it again!!

Louise our star among stars, has just had her design of the curvy card template launched on WS Designs!!! Watch this lady she is going places!! Im an honured to be associated with this lady by being on her Design team for Dotties World,
Go for it Girl!!!!xxxx

These are some designs made by Loiuse


Louly said...

Oh you're such a sweetie! Mmmmwahh, you've gone and made me blush again, thank you so much sweetheart. xx

Chriss Rollins said...

Nicola I agree with you Louise is going places she is soooo talented.
We at 'the artist trading club' are thrilled and proud to have our very own Dottie the ATC Queen... thanx to Louise.
your plaques over on Dotties world are brilliant.
chriss n ATC Dottie xx

susetheslowknitta said...

its a great design! well done Louise!

Sarah C said...

Lou is so talented and I love making these cards and am looking forward to the template coming out to replace my paper one xx

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