Monday, 4 January 2016


Wow cant believe the last time I have blogged was February last year!
I have since then lost Four stone in weight, although my business is making cakes... I am very keen on healthy eating, being a Vegetarian I have to tweek recipes to make them suitable for me to eat and Slimming World friendly which is what I followed to loose the weight.
I wholeheartedly recommend going to a Slimming World Group... The biggest step is walking through the doors to your first meeting, but rest assured you will have a great time, you wont be judge and will, as I did, meet some lovely people and make some firm friends in the process!
I am not linked to Slimming World, apart from having lost weight their way.
So Im starting a fresh and have two stone I want to loose, which I am going to do myself...hopefully, but may well re attend classes to keep up to date with their latest ideas and get their lovely recipe books!
Last year I purchased a Spiralizer from Amazon and it was a great purchase, I use it mainly for making courgetti which is courgettes that are turned into spagetti shaped strands, but without the carbs!
Tonights meal consisted of
1 medium Courgette , spiralized
1 Carrot - Sprialized
Half a green pepper- cut into strips
Four or five closed cup mushrooms- sliced
A onion chopped.
A quarter of an Aubergine, cut into small strips
25g of greek salad cheese cubed/crumbled ( the cheaper version of Feta}

1 Linda McCartney Rosemary & Red Onion sausage, cut into pieces.

Frylight to  cook with
Salt, pepper, Soy sauce and Jamaican Jerk perfect shake seasoning from Shwartz.

I sprayed my ceramic pan with a good covering of frylight, add the vege sausage and cook for roughly 5-10mins and slice into pieces when defrosted enough and then I added the onion, mushrooms, green pepper , aubergine, sprinkle a small amount of sea salt (It helps the aubergine soften quicker) and re spray with Frylight and gently cook on a low heat for 10 to 15 mins, until the sausage pieces are cooked, shake soy sauce, Jamaican Jerk seasoning, ground pepper and lastly add the spirlaized carrot and courgette, stir and continue cooking until the courgetti is warm, dont over cook or it will be a soggy mess, you can eat courgetti raw, so no worries how little you cook it! oh and in the last few minutes sprinkle the Greek salad Cheese ( I use Lidl)
Add to plate and I also had pickled onions & beetroot.
A massive plateful, with lots of colour and taste and virtually fat free!

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