Friday, 18 July 2008

Oh Im in love....

With Sarah Kay stamps! if only they were in stock I could get more. They are beautiful just like my 10 year old daughter,less the chat lol!! the stamps are soo delicate and lovely to use.

I made this for a 13th birthday, i extended the image out of the frame by cutting bits of original image and adding similar by drawing them myself.


Kim said...

Hi Nicola, This card is lovely. Aren't those Sarah Kay stamps lovely? Hope you don't mind but I've put a piccy of the blog candy you sent me on my blog with a link to here :) Thanks Again.

Sammi said...

they are beautiful aren't they - I am hanging out to get some!! :)
I LOVE your card!! It looks great the way your extended the picture! Love the colours!

Tassie said...

Fab card Nicola! That stamp is so pretty!

steph said...

Great card! Thanks for joining us for the challenge! x

CottageCrafts said...

Lovely card as always :)
I havent seen sarah Kay stamps before, but i will be looking for them in future, they look beautiful. I love the embellishing you did yourself too.
Hugs xx

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