Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thankyou for all my fantastic Birthday Cards!!!

From Tee from Charmed Cards & crafts, a gorgeous flower card, in a lovely Chocolate colour & added sparkle!! Thankyou!!
Mmmmmm Chocolate!!! Thankyou Sarah/Sarah C from charmed Cards & crafts, a lovely bright card with a gorgeous butterfly!! And did I mention the chocolate!! Thankyou Sarah
From Louise Brigden/Louly/Lou B or Missy Famous as she is now known,a great card, love the colours & the trousers match too!!! Thankyou Louise!!
From Lea of Charmed Cards & Crafts, a beautiful decoupage card, in lovely copper shades, dufex I think. the different colours are difficult to pick up in the pic. Thanyou Lea

From Maureen Bickle, another decoupage, lovely coloured pansies!!the card is embossed with an aperture to see the flowers, thankyou Maureen.


Louly said...

Wow! Lucky you and chocolate too!!!! All these cards look fab. I hope you enjoyed your day Nicola.

Sarah C said...

Wow, what a lovely selection of cards. I'm so glad the postie didn't realise there was chocolate in the envelope or you might've lost it LOL xx

Susie Blackwell said...

Sorry I missed your special day , you seem to be missing off my 3C's list can you please pm me through 3C's so that I don't miss you next year!

Susie xx

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