Monday, 10 December 2007

How to Tea bag fold-Pictorial

First cut equal squares of your chosen design,you usually need 8 squares.

Fold a square in half,horizontally,design side inwards.
Open and fold in half again,vertically,designside outwards.
Open & it gives you a cross in the square.
Fold in half,corner to corner, crease well with a fingernail or bone tool.

Open & fold in half again, with the opposite corner to corner.
Hold a opposite corners in either hand and push together, to form the star,then flattern each of the four 'v's
Which gives you this shape.

Take one corner & crease in half to centre line,carefully ensuring the point is perfectly creased.

Do the same with the opposite corner,creasing into the centre line,to form this shape,neat creasing is essential for the design to matchup. this is the finished piece.
Now do 7 more

Slide together,with the points linked,tape on the underside to hold together.

Carry on round until you have a circle,add a brad in the centre for decoration.

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Louly said...

That's amazing, it must have taken ages to do all those step by step photos! I've never tried tea bag folding but you've really inspired me now. Thanks.

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