Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Post it note booklet Tutorial

What you need:-
Boxer board,which fits onto your Ulitmate pro
2 Sheena Douglass' mount boards ive used square for this example.
Crafter's Companion Tape Pen.
A section of post it notes.
A cut down pencil, sharpened and paint with chosen colour.

Using the pro board, with Boxer board attached, butting up to the handle, lay your piece of a4 card, narrowest edge to the handle(portrait) then lay your chosen mount board ontop and score the relevant line at its edge,making sure you score on the shiny side of the centura pearl card, so it doesnt crack when folding.

Fold and score the crease line and with side folded, re-butt up to the handle,place the post it notes,depth way, up to the handle edge and again score the closest line.
Fold and score again.

Butt the scored card up to the handle again, this will be a large area and a small spine, then again lay your chosen mount board up to the handle and folded card and again score, nearest line.

Turning card lengthways, widest part butted up to handle (landscape) lay your mount board up to the handle and score closest line all the way along the card.

With your Clevercut mini,or knife & ruler, cut the scored shape out and put spare pieces to one side.

With the tape pen, attach the post it notes,centrally inside the cover and stick down.

With the smaller spare piece of card and the shortened pencil.

Roll the strip tightly around the pencil and secure by applying a strip of tape pen before finally rolling round and trim the end off.

Using wet glue or the tape pen, attach to the inside of your booklet.

Stick the finished mount board on the front of your booklet and the plain 2nd piece of mount board on the back of your booklet, this would make and ideal give or fete item!
I have used Sheena Douglass' Sweet Pea set of stamps and paint and used gold embossing powder around the edge, before sticking to the booklet, i psrayed the finished picture with Spray & Shine.

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Thank you for this, it is brilliant. Love the cover, I am a Paint Fusion Addict too :)

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