Thursday, 26 May 2011


Here is my pictorial on how to make a
Triple,Double Twisted,Easel Card.
I have explained just the basic card, so you can add your own designs.
I have, for demonstration purposes, used the brand new
Humphrey images from the New Humphreys Corner cd's available from Crafters Companion.

 What you Need:-
Crafters Companion Ultimate pro Board ( not essential,but is what i have used in this pictorial)
2 x centura pearl A4 card.
Collall glue gel & syringe
 1, With your card landscape, butt up to the handle and score along the Half fold A5 line
 2; Turning your card portrait, again, butt up to the handle and score, to the centre score line,the Tri-fold A4 line
 3; Turning your card around portrait again,but with the opposite end now butted up to the handle, score the Tri-Fold A4 line,up to centre score line
 4; Your a4 piece of card should now be scored like this
 5; Using the ruler & knife inside your Ultmate pro, cut the 3 sections to the centre score line
 6; Fold over and  crease sharply,your card,looking like this
 7; On the left section score diagonally bottom left to top right,lining up your card across a line
 8; For the right section score a diagonal line,top left corner to bottom right corner.
 9; For the centre section, score along the Gate fold a5/concertina a5 line horizonatally
 10; Fold and sharply crease the scored sections so you card looks like this.
 11; With your second piece of a4 card, do exactly as the first piece, but cut the score lines instead of just scoring. so you have three smaller squares and 1 long a4 length strip.
 12; Add glue to the bottom half of the centre section and add one piece your cut square cards
 13, For the right section, add glue to the left triangle and add your 2nd piece of cut card
 14; For the left section add glue to the right triangle and add your 3rd piece of cut card
 15; Glue the bottom strip of card onto the bottom of the folded card
And here is your un-decorated Triple,Double twisted Easel Card.
16; Make sure the outside design faces inwards when gluing so when stood up, the picture will be facing the right direction.
Hope this pictorial is of use to you.


Lynsey said...

Hi Nicola, love your tutorial! I will have to give this one a try.
Hugs Lynsey x

sandra's crafty corner said...

great tutorial hun and some fab works of art on here xxx

Carmi said...

That turned our beautiful! Great tutorial!

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