Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Being an avid fan of yarn i even have stashes of ''to nice to use' yarn just like my card!
I had to get the new Loopi Loom, its an old concept but a bright shiny new version.
You can obtain your Loopi Loom from Hayley ( as seen on Create & Craft) over on Little Lou's

I bought the whole lot from Create & Craft when Hayley was demonstrating with a big pack of 16 balls of luxury yarn also.

This is the scarf made using 4 balls of the luxury yarn

These are using normal yarn i raided from my attic they roughly use 200g for each scarf.

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tarrajoyce said...

love the sitea few months aga i was given a loopi loom for christmas, unfortunatly it didn't come with any instruction, and i can work out how to do it. I can seem to find instructions anywhere. i was wondering if you could maybe give me a few tips to help.
thank you

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